Pygmalion and Galatea by Jean-leon Gerome: From a print I own depicting the myth of Pygmalion who in the briefest terms disliked women until he created an image of the female form possessed of such beauty that he fell in love and begged the Gods to bring her to life.



Poor Pygmalion, his desire for Women always tainted

by those who exchange love for coin, those Women of the

Night, faces painted ,he did once with Intimacy seek to join.

He thought the fairer Sex a worthless Breed,not worth a

second of his Time,this hate so became his Creed,he felt

to speak to such Creatures a Crime.

His Work absorbed him, working in purest stone,

not in control of his Mind ,his Tools a life of their own,

there appeared an image of Woman Kind.

For he had created,whilst not even aware, a Statue

of the female Form, so beautiful he could only stare

and feel his hate now transform.

He toiled ever more, emotion in him grew, perfection

he now sought as suddenly he knew, it was purest

Love that he had wrought.

Fervent Pleas to Aphrodite, for he longed for the Stone,

such perfection yet cold, to become Flesh and Bone,

his Lover to hold.

Heard from above,she became soft and warm to touch,

he knew what he had missed,that he had lost so much

the moment her Lips he kissed

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