Allegory, symbolism and a recurring theme of mine, the mystery of life’s purpose, the nature of the human condition and what is reality. Designed to stimulate imagination and rational thought in equal measure like a koan or other meditating device.



It was sudden, so demanding it’s ethereal form,

a figure there, standing still brazen against the storm,

at me so to stare.

And then, I heard his voice though he made no sound,

far across the Vale, bid me sit there upon the ground

and listen to his tale.

He said, I knew him well but that we had never met,

born on the same day, when our paths had been set,

the thirteenth of May.

He looked familiar, though his face I couldn’t discern

I felt no fear, sensing for me he felt love and concern,

and had always been near.

“I have” said he,“all the answers that you have sought,

knowledge concealed, the problems you have fought,

all will be revealed”

“There will be, a time when you’re finally granted peace,

mercy long overdue, and as your labours finally cease,

you’ll know that I am you.”




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