One of the many unusual side effects of the drugs I take for Parkinson’s disease is hallucinations . Over 7 yrs I’ve only had 3, although given my age and dosage it is uncommon to have any. The last one intrigues me and this is what I wish to share. The following is fact, no embellishments or poetic licence. It was one morning and I was lying in bed, talking to my wife. We have dark stained wood frames and doors from 1909. I was looking past her at the door when the door frame changed from plain to a single  line of simple spirals, deeply carved into the wood, Celtic or Neolithic in style. I kept my eyes on this image and told my wife what had happened. It appeared normal to her. I blinked, rubbed my eyes, turned away yet the image persisted, for about 2 mins before fading. I noticed then that as it appeared and faded it did so as if it was an image on fine netting. The spiral has many meanings but to me it represents cycles, seasons, change death and rebirth.



I then realised I have a ring with a similar themed symbol, the Ouroborus or serpent eating it’s own tail, which symbolises eternity, everlasting renewal.

It was also under this symbol that I was initiated into Freemasonry. I was probably the only person there who knew what it was and after decades trying to find the spiritual masonry of 200 years ago I realised that it is now just a charitable club and resigned .


The day after the hallucination I suddenly remembered that as part of my Parkinson’s diagnosis I was asked to draw this very shape, which is difficult for someone with PD to do. And finally, about 10 days later I came across this photo that I took when I was 15. One meaning of this symbol is a revealing of knowledge or secrets, a motif that features in a number of my poems. It is a strange old World.














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