Sometimes love, desire, friendship all come together without even trying and often when both people know it’s morally wrong. Yet the passion felt is intoxicating. I’me referring to something both pure and honest but very wrong, not a drunken fling or frantic affair based on physical attraction.




In that moment we both suddenly knew,

all that had gone before was leading to this,

over Time those Feelings so slowly grew,

to this climax of our first Lover’s Kiss.

In silence our Heads together did slide,

allowing silken Breath on Skin to touch,

as my hands upon her Beauty did glide.

For both now wanted this so much,

that no longer was it possible to stop.

Our eyes became fixed in mutual gaze,

tracing her Body, coy fingers did drop.

As emotion reduced us to a daze,

I pulled her to me with gentle Force.

It was  Passion unknown as I kissed her Lips.

How could such Pleasure elicit Remorse.

Sinking to the Floor I cradled her Face,

as we abandoned all reason and sense

to that most intimate form of Embrace,

ending years of frustrating suspense.



6 thoughts on “FORBIDDEN KISS

    1. Hi, it was written for my wife and is about how we got together. It was a forbidden kiss because she was engaged to a friend at the time. Fate is indeed strange for I loved her from afar until I found out he had not the same depth of feeling as I, despite asking her to marry him. We’ve been together 24 years now, have two children and I love her the same as I did at that first forbidden kiss.

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  1. Your poem inspires me to write about ‘kiss’ too.. but I would call it a accident kiss instead 🙂 My Moon accidentally kissed me before ( that’s what she claims it to be) and the rest is history now.-Sun.

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