The following is 100% true and told exactly as it took place. There is something strange for sure but I make no claim as regards an explanation. Whether the events related are due to time, different realities or ghosts I don’t know….that is for you to decide.



In our previous house which was a smaller version of our current abode ie Edwardian, stone built, my little girl would be about 5 yr and my son 1 yr (I think,typical man !). One day, I noticed Rebecca was very quiet, in fact at first there was that sickly adrenaline surge that every parent experiences at some point, lost ! taken. I quickly realised I would have heard the door open so must be in the house. Calling her name got no response but on rushing up the stairs I immediately found her.

She was kneeling on the floor outside my bedroom,looking in ? I said “what are you doing Bex ?” The reply I got was exactly this ! “Daddy the lady says I can’t go in this room” Of course there was no lady. A couple of nights later, I heard her moving about and went to see why she’d got out of bed. As I entered the room from on top of the wardrobes literally ‘flew’ a toy plastic sword onto her bed. A distance of 12 ft. The next day I worked out that the only way it could’ve happened is if it had been wedged in under some pressure and just happened to work loose at the moment I entered the room, and was fired across to the bed. Try as I could I was unable to replicate the force needed.

Moving on a couple of months, Matt my 1-2 yr son, wasn’t sleeping so we had him in bed between my wife and I. Suddenly he quietly got up, leaned on my wife, stared in the dark towards the spot where Rebecca had said the lady was, took out his dummy/comforter and said “hello” jigged up and down muttered something else and went back to sleep !

We moved to our present house shortly after where only two strange things happened . Both involved Matt who was about 5 yr now. One night I heard him walking on the landing. Jumping out of bed I asked him what he was doing. “following the lady ” was the reply. The second time was when I awoke to hear my 5 yr old shouting in his sleep. So what I hear you say……well actually he was ranting in what appeared to be the voice of an elderly Yorkshireman, deep, broad dialect interspersed with the phrase ‘fu**ing ell’. My little boy didn’t know that word and never even used it innocently. I wondered if he’d heard it in the street, just repeated it without understanding. There has been nothing until the spiral incident.

Make of it what you will.



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