Dogs wearing caps made from ears turned inside out,

cabals of folk huddled together but still having to shout.

With white knuckles on posts shuffle the old and the frail

while a gent in a billowing coat drifts past in full sail.

Helpless trees protest with their frantic dervish dance,

as a single bird takes to the sky leaving it up to chance.

Manic playtime children seem possessed by the gales

Old men like to tell even worse windy weather tales.

Lifting roof tiles and toppling trees is it’s sordid intent,

just so long as there’s damage done will it be content.


3 thoughts on “WINDY DAYS

  1. I love this Nigel. Made me think of the old favourite. Two Elderly people were out for a walk on the seafront. One turned to the other and said, “It’s windy today” “Oh, I thought it was Thursday, ” came the reply. I’ll get my coat.

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    1. Haha, I thought for a moment Davy you were going on a different tack where the lady of the house breaks wind, to hide her embarrassment in front of the guests she says to her butler, “stop that Jeeves !” to which he replies “certainly ma’am, which way did it go ?” Pass me mine when you get your coat please Davy.

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