In memory of Singer and Poet Ian Curtis.



Lyrics to ‘Love will tear us apart’


Did you take one last look around this final place,

warm memory to find. Did your fingers subtly trace

the air, in vain attempt to still your mind.

Could your words in song not caution you to pause,

to fan a final ember. It was never about the applause,

for you it was enough to remember.

I guess you feared life more than you feared death,

your illness made it so, I hope with your final breath,

a smile was the last thing to go.

Have you found the peace you had always Sought.

Your verse dark and deep, from anguished heart wrought,

and tormented soul did weep.

We discussed your private hell with the arrogance of youth,

detached curt critique, saying your prose revealed the truth,

that death and misery create mystique.

In cliched form, you remain to us forever alive and young,

your presence and voice, the entrancing vocals you have sung,

I know you had no choice.


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