Sounds of Children, frantic in the school yard, ignited

by the first spring gales, their voices shrill and excited,

acting out imaginary tales.

Playing on a warm beach, content,

the magic of sea and sand, until they’re completely spent,

a towel wrapped happy band.

Gathered round a story teller, wide eyes

reveal wonder and awe, the gasps, whispers and gentle sighs,

always wanting more.

Seeking answers about the world, asking,

questions ever more deep, grown-ups in adulation basking,

wishing they’d finally sleep.

Talking together without adults, stating

views, standing their ground, falling out but never hating,

their feet already found.

When they’re sad or worried, crying,

in need of love and a hug, safe in strong arms lying,

will ever a heart tug.

The sound of Children at play or at rest

is the sound of Life at it’s very best.

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