The stress of modern life takes it’s toll in many ways. Families suffering behind closed doors, Mum, Dad, Kids nobody’s to blame but all pay the price.


It’s a new day with nothing to say, kinda lost their way but they can’t let go.

No ones fault, like pepper and salt,they should call a halt but battle on.

An angry night, just another fight, cos’ money’s tight but no makin’ up..

They like to dream it’s all berries and cream, so it doesn’t seem, things are so bad.

He asks for a sub,he needs the pub,but here’s the rub she always says no,

so he goes in her purse cos’ drink’s his curse, what could be worse, he sighs.

When she does the math, he feels her wrath, the kids in the bath, cold & alone.

They put warm chips to their blue lips, fizzy sugar sips, always the same.

She’s on the town, legs painted brown, loses her frown on a Friday night,

lads strut their stuff acting tough, a bit of rough but she wants more

she drinks too much,lets them touch, a kind of crutch that helps her through,

it doesn’t last long, she knows it’s wrong, same old song sung every week

Their kisses aren’t the same, there’s no flame, it’s a shame but that’s how it is,

No love but they care, the children they share, smiles are rare in that house.

She wants much more ,he asks what for, stares at the floor and now he knows,

there is no hope, on the downward slope, they just can’t cope any more .

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