The prescription drugs I take have many unpleasant side effects. Vivid dreams and nightmares being one. The following were actual dreams.


I see kaleidoscope smiles, stuttered images of faces with cartoon features,

I cannot tell their intent, are they benign beings or malevolent creatures,

they just sway and smile, content.

Soon do they fade, instead stands a man tall and proud, a shining gold token,

he says “to you I must confide”, “though you’re troubled,stooped and broken,

I am you but deep inside.”

On the edge of the pit, my fingers white as I, desperate, cling to the lip.

Warm hands reach out, but only offer me sweet wine from crystal to sip,

as cheery goodbyes they shout.

“Why ?” I suddenly ask, must I suffer so on the tip of your lance,

“not that again “, “I’ve told you before, you’ve lost a game of chance,

losers pay with pain”.

Wary of me once, They now circle,chanting with eyes of fire and spite,

unknown voices jeer, sensing weakness they’re shocked when I fight,

anger replacing fear.

I often see it, the spiral Glyph with it’s hidden message that I cannot read,

yet all will be revealed, when one day soon it’s import will be freed,

reason no longer concealed.

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