A personification of Clinical Depression, describing what it can be like to suffer with this dreadful and misunderstood illness. I hope my words bring greater awareness.


It is as if an evil Trickster, possessed of otherworldly stealth,

whilst you’re not aware, slowly steals away your mental health,

just to see how you’ll fare.

He smothers you from behind with a blanket so dark and thick,

eyes blinded to what others see, dark thoughts and images stick,

your mind locked with no key.

You cannot fight it with sword or scalpel, there are only drugs,

which are often merely a curse, you feel nothing from loving hugs,

yet admire a passing hearse.

All that once sparked your passion and interest is suddenly taken,

nothing has any reason, tragedy and fright leave you unshaken,

living a life out of season.

It is a puzzle to you, the worry and concern felt by those who care,

nothing ever matters you explain, that you’re happy to sit and stare,

plotting to end the pain.

It hurts the most when you remember the person you once were,

and hate the pathetic wretch, that your mind now seems to prefer,

and often tries to fetch.

Whether you are enjoying life or if your life is suddenly stalling,

in this or any other land, the evil Trickster can always come calling,

dark blanket in his hand.

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