An early unpolished, simple, basic poem I wrote as a guide to life for my children. What it lacks in style and finesse is made up, I hope, by it’s content which is from the heart. A very personal piece of writing that I wanted to share as I feel many people will have the same viewpoint.


Always strive to be the better Man,

do what is right not what you can.

Without manners your fate is sealed,

you’re simply a Beast of the Field.

Regard etiquette as an elitist tool

used to try divide and rule.

It’s best to aim for the Stars,

it’s ok to covet houses and cars,

so long as you can remember this,

material things don’t equal Bliss.

Don’t visit on others malice or harm,

if they do to you face them with calm.

Remember that at the end of the day

what matters is what you do and say.

Seize the chance to do something kind,

regard it as a gift never a Bind.

One last point and my work is done,

if you can always laugh then you’ve won.

For Bex & Matt

Love Dad XX

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