Rombold’s moor, Yorkshire, England, named after a mythical Giant and contains within it’s boundaries the famous Ilkley Moor with it’s Cow & Calf rocks. Though not large it is covered with small neolithic circles, engravings and symbols. A favourite place as a boy, full of history and mystery.


If you listen a stifled laughter can just be heard

as the Breeze guiltily plays the Gorse Maze,

for it knows that nothing should be stirred

yet delights in mischief within the Haze.

Summer’s work should be respected,

after all the time he spent on this Art

his Masterpiece each year now expected

demands a solemn silence on our part.

Stretching out beyond the grey Crags

are draped velvet Cloaks, purple and green

which over the Valley both bunch & sag,

shine and shade marking where he’s been.

There lies under this Sea of Heather and Fern

something that beckons me to this Moor

and compels me forever to return

so to abide by some ancient Law.

For there are secrets left here to trace,

and knowledge carved on the stone .

You can feel the magic in this Place

for on the Moor you’re never alone.

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