This is based on the Claude Monet painting of the same name. It illustrates my personal view on what Art is. As I’ve said throughout, for me Art must stimulate both imagination and intellect. When I first saw this painting it created an emotional response, I could identify from my own experience windy, summer days and skies filled with racing clouds. As I looked further I noticed how the artist’s skill and technique had created this amazing image which I had accessed emotionally, which in turn stimulated my imagination. The more I looked at the image, the more my imagination and intellect created a story around the scene and this is told through the following verse. In reality the painting is of Monet’s wife and Son, having a Sunday stroll, a kind of painted holiday snap ! That’s the point, Art is above all a completely personal experience, and our own interpretations and experiences do not have to agree with either the Artist’s or other people’s to enjoy it.


It is an image that lures my Thoughts with a Siren’s reach,

the Lady and Boy upon the Hill,their eyes beckoning

me to unravel the meaning of their stilled,silent Pose

as if they harbour some great Insight they want to teach.

She has a dignity and presence that demands respect,

yet as the Foehn wind brushes past with metered haste

her countenance unveils an ambience of sadness,

as if she’s leaving a Past for reasons she didn’t expect.

The Boy knows as he leads her down the other side,

but with empathy and understanding beyond his years

though aware of the hour, grants her this moment

before leading her away, from her Oppressor to hide.

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