NOWT – Pronounced as in ‘boat’ dialect from Yorkshire,England meaning – nothing.

Just a short poem explaining a displacement or coping strategy I use when the bad stuff hits the fan. Done as an imaginary mime, another similar action is to screw a piece of paper, on which my problems are written,  into a ball and act out physically throwing it over the shoulder, saying “Don’t mean nowt”, symbolic yes but done often enough………….helps me anyhow, though I am mad as cheese !



When dark tragedies bring you down,

and black clouds turn sunlight into shade.

When expression is reduced to a frown,

and your zest for life begins to fade.

  When you question “for what reason “.

and then wonder what it’s all for.

When winter becomes your season

and you just can’t take any more.

Imagine a list of all that has you cowed,

turn it to ash and let it to heaven float,

smile at the world and then say aloud,

you know what, it don’t mean nowt”.




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