This is a poem describing the symbolism on a Masonic ring I designed and had made. I’me no longer a Freemason due to ill health. Freemasonry is something conspiracy theorists love to hate as do Journalists, it has replaced Goblins and Witches as society’s scapegoat for anything that goes wrong. For what it’s worth if anyone is interested, it is the ultimate free form spiritual tradition designed to  “research the more hidden mysteries of nature and science”. Any denomination is welcome, all beliefs, there are branches for ladies, men and men + ladies. It doesn’t preach but teaches tolerance, virtue, charity,truth and brotherly love. It’s ritual practices involve myth and science thereby invoking imagination and intellect . This is why Newton and other men of science were Masons, and why Newton gave the world so much. Sadly this organisation is a shadow of that in Newton’s day. The vast majority of Mason’s reading this will be thinking “Eh what’s he on about ?” It is still benign, genuinely charitable, well intentioned but with a bit of Gentleman’s Club elitism. It has lost it’s original Spiritual perfection.

For those of you who maybe shouting the word secret, track down a book called ‘the unlocked secret’ by Dewar. In it are all the secret handshakes,words etc or simply enquire at the building ‘Masonic Hall’ an join ! You will probably be disappointed. And finally if you’re worried you can never leave once you’ve joined, just don’t pay your membership fees….. they’ll soon kick you out !



Made of Silver and the bright Morning Star,

encircling all, the serpent Ouroborus lies,

keeping safe ancient thought from near and far,

saying all is forever and nothing ever dies.

In it’s centre, between the pillars you see the Sun,

above, shows us how we should divide our Day,

while circle and point tell what should be done

to seek answers to Life’s Mystery in a Masonic Way.

Around this the Square and Compass is spun,

which with Acacia and other simple Mot Mori

form the archetypal symbol of the Widows Son,

and illustrate in Symbols Solomon’s story.

Twin pillars Jachin and Boaz of Holy Temple fame,

all the knowledge of the World protect and keep.

The All Seeing Eye is your God, whatever his name,

and ensures our thirst for reason never falls asleep.

The Pentagram represents Man in his earthly Guise,

The Hexagram that we should improve our Mind,

so that when we finally transgress the Tomb,

we can become a Master for the good of Mankind

3 thoughts on “THE RING

    1. Hi, I was the youngest mason in my area at the time. I was asked by my supervisor at work. I’ve always been interested in comparative religions and spirituality etc but I’m also very much science minded. I see spiritual practice as a psychological tool to enable us to better access the mind. I was already fully aware of the so called secrets of freemasonry, which are purely used to differentiate between different degrees,levels,stories and yet the psychological impact was no less impressive. I struggled with it for years simply because I was in the freemasonry of 100 yr ago but virtually everybody else was in freemasonry as it is today. I was lucky in the end to find people of similar ideas. It’s complex and features elements from many traditions but basically centres on a series of myths based on the building of Solomon’s temple ,the imagination part, and is acted out using geometry, number,astronomy elements, the intellect part.

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      1. That’s interesting! I have known Mason beause of one subject in College that requires a research about our National Hero — he was a Mason too (I choose that topic since its interesting and fun to dig in.)


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