Inspired by film,tv and rock


Hear me, don’t waste your prayer on my soul,
cos deep inside my heart is like coal,
and with my first steps I chose the left hand path,
not ever fearing the good lord’s wrath.

Don’t blame those folk to whom I was born,
for them I felt only pity and scorn
taught things right but chose what was wrong
always humming the devil’s sweet song.

The book of my life is one of hate and rage,
sharp words of pain on every page,
Women I used,friends were bourbon and rye
my creed was ever to cheat and lie..

They put me in prison, hoping I’d go straight
seven long years ’til my release date,
then tried to keep me, branded as insane,
but I escaped their trap,again and again.

With my final breath I think of my chosen course,
for all the bad things I can feel no remorse
no Angels will greet me, no promised land
just the firm icy grip of a hellish Demon’s hand.

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