Some people you just can’t resist, even though you know it’s not going to work, or that they’re playing you for a fool, using you. I guess the term ‘fatal attraction’ is apt.



Mary the mask prowls along the street

flashing her smile at everyone she meets,

but under her Leather lies a heart so cold,

she flaunts it, knowing she’s beauty bold.

She’s Mary, who likes to wear a mask,

in your attention she’ll revel and bask,

until you’re helpless in a lover’s trance

blind to her guile by spurious romance.

Saying it’s Love and that she really knew.

From the way she looked I thought it true.

I realise now that I was running in rings

like a Puppet, trapped in tangled Strings.

She picked me up,played me like a Fiddle

I danced to her Tune,a part of her Riddle.

All her words and looks were just s ploy,

I realise finally I was just another Toy.

I took her everywhere for mile after mile,

yet on photo’s, she never revealed a smile

Like a once new Blouse hung on the Door,

I became just a Rag ,to clean her Floor.

Though just a notch on her red Lipstick

and even though I fell for every Trick.

If her Mask slips and age ends her Reign,

I’ll still run to be her favourite Toy again.

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