I wonder what I really see

as my Sight surveys our World,

for nowt seems as it is to me,

the Flag is often furled.

Do they really care for us,

and protect us from all Hate

or is it really too much Fuss

so leave it up to Fate.

Why do Folk still disappear

when Eyes are all around.

If truly there’s nowt to fear

they’d be alive when found.

If wealth does’nt grant Power

and does not change the Law,

then why do they rarely cower

or sleep upon the Floor.

They all live a double Life,

one for us and one for them

Meal or Murder it’s all one knife

whether to feed or to condemn.

Just believe it’s for the best,

pretend that nothing is broke,

or you may become an absent Guest,

in this land of Mirrors and Smoke.


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