The use of the word ‘reverie’ reminded me of this early poem . It’s about when I was a boy and troubled. If the day was fine I’d seek a spot on the Moors or Meadows where I could lie on high ground ie a small rise, anywhere that would enable me to, when flat on my back, see nothing but sky. When only Sky filled my vision it had a meditative,relaxing effect and I soon became lost in Reverie.




On my back, I see framed by my shoes

a beautiful vista that can only be

the perfect example of earth’s majesty

with greens and browns in myriad hues.

And looking up all I can see is sky,

save for strands of torn cotton wool

that competing winds start to pull

and tease apart with whispered sigh.

The vision I see and the warmth I feel

finally stills my ceaseless mind.

It is only here that I always find

moments of peace are easy to steal.

As reverie comes it opens the door

to a truly wondrous place

where I’m finally granted grace

to think and ponder no more


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