A deeply personal piece, a contrast to ‘What manner of man’ I have been truly blessed .



I feel it is something rather sad,

and regrettable that when I was just a Lad,

I could never really understand,

or appreciate, when so happy on the sand

all the work that it took,

the worry and toil,those magical holidays to book.

Or provide such food every Day,

safety and warmth and a Bedroom in which to lay.

To scrimp and save all year,

with sacrifices made to ensure a day of Festive Cheer.

I never feared a Father’s Belt

or hateful words for only Love was ever felt.

I was taught to have kindness and Manners,

as well as about Wires and Spanners,

just about everything a Boy would need,

so that a Man’s life I could lead..

Now and then I shed Tears,

thinking of those perfect Childhood Years

So to my Parents I say this

thank you with my love and a kiss,

that each morning in the dark

as I awake before the Day has begun,

I feel truly proud

and blessed to have been born your Son.


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