Another personal piece. This is about meditation and meditative states . In Freemasonry there are ‘Tracing Boards’, on which complex symbolism can be meditated on. Other Spiritual systems and Cultures have different methods, Mandala, Koan, Scripture, Tarot all however are designed for the same purpose. That purpose is to awaken both left and right sides of the brain in equal measure, Art and Intellect, imagination and logic. The final line makes reference to the ‘Shadow Lands’ this is a phrase usually describing the dream like state and what one perceives within it when meditation is achieved . I’ve always wondered whether that is our reality and our everyday state is the dream, hence I ‘return to’ the Shadow Lands.




I fear not the darkness with it’s absence of light,

though I cherish the Day I covet the Night,

those brief moments when my Body is stilled

and my mind with Pictures is gently filled

of times now passed both joyous and sad

and ideas and thoughts, brilliant and mad.

And after a while when all that’s mundane

with barely a sound, starts to wither and wane,

I reverently pass through the conscious state,

transgressing the threshold of the Temple Gate

I feel excitement and wonder as I touch the seal

and there begin to sense but no longer feel.

This place is where voices whisper in the Rain,

but won’t say what is real and what is sane,

hints of hidden truths are revealed to me

and ancient thoughts that last for Eternity.

But it is not long before this World demands

again I return back to the Shadow lands.

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