This was an exercise where I limited myself to using  only lines and themes from previous poems.


The path we’re on is a one way street, lives eternally on repeat,

no escape from this forever place, all is lost without a trace.

There’s always right never wrong, ever more verses to a song,

Walk proud out of the night, seize the moment cherish the light

Think awhile there’s no second chance, ignore reasons not to dance,

There’ll always be one more start, purify that cold black heart.

Throw all thoughts upon the tide, know they’ll reach the other side

Sow your desire upon the breeze, fate will bring you all the keys

Change kismet spin the wheel, with both hands break the seal,

Look deep into your soul, fingers tight on the edge of the hole,

Beware the spiral goes one way, hit the bottom and forever stay,

don’t fight the arrows and slings, that fortune sometimes brings.


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