Lights and lamps, shine as gems on a Jeweller’s cloth,

casually thrown town, meandering plans.

Distant engine rumble,a single Banshee tyre squeal.

Folk asleep, surrounded by night, kept at bay.

Scribbled roads cross and join, threaded between

buildings,the bigger ones escaping to


Clear sky above takes 1st for grandeur,

deep blue-black sets off a harvest moon,

countless stars, exposed by the night

appear like dust under ultra violet.

Height creates toy town image along

the valley floor while glass eye lake winks

in the lunar glow.

Just visible mist beginning to form, patchwork

clumps, like fallen fledgling clouds from a cumulus

nest . Hidden greenery quiet and still, awaits the

return of day, it’s natural form twisted and confusing

by the absence of light.


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