On seeing a rainbow in a waterfall


Falling, crystal silvery sheet,

half transparency appears solid,

partial reflected scene,distorted,

teasing. Thunderous noise too,almost

a roar, primeval yet tranquil, non

threatening, strangely sedating.

A decent from just high enough

to render a circle of deep dark pool,

turbid, boiling cold, playful.

Stoic, defiant rocks ancient,

decorated with bright green

moss sponges that gently capture

tiny glass beads of water. All seem

better for basking in waterfall spray.

And there ! Faint, yet no illusion,

stripes now emerge in the mist,

an arc of red,green and blue, multiple

shades between, a swathe of magick

revealed colour, a privileged glimpse

of conjured beauty, dispersed with a blink.

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