The idea with this came from my friend Cbear and her family who have been holidaying at the same place forever. Their special place is just a bench overlooking the sea. But that’s the point, only they have the memories to make it special.


A Special place is so peculiar to describe,

only the lucky few can get what it’s for,

or are able to tune in to it’s unique vibe,

less understand why this bench  you adore.


Children guard them with ‘keep out’ signs,

and usually choose one that’s hidden away.

Hoping that nobody will breach it’s confines,

so their secret place, still secret will stay.


Dads and Grandads need to have a special spot,

where they can keep all their old Daddy stuff.

And run to when in trouble, about to be shot.

Or maybe when being Dad just gets too tough.


Lovers have places that are special to them,

somewhere secluded so kisses can’t be seen.

velvet grass and a rose with a broken stem,

an intimate place where two souls convene.


These places have on us a strange magic Pull,

recharging memories that always make us smile.

Filling us with joy until our happy bank is full,

so visit yours, just once in a while.


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