The  motivation for this piece is the negative influence of the beauty/fashion industry. It touches on the question of what attraction really is. That visual appeal is often a poor substitute for the real beauty that can be found in a person .


Perhaps my eyes are shut, for I see not the picture you paint,

when in the mirror you stare, it’s image your mind lets taint,

your self doubt ensnare.

Is it an error of vision, which masks the truth from your sight,

forbids you embrace, that where you tread shines purist light,

and brings good to this place.

They are nothing, the pastel shades of powder which adorn your skin,

the fabrics you drape, compared to to that which lies hidden within,

and has no form or shape.

When our eyes meet, I am lost, my mind and heart no longer free,

it is a kiss from afar, our lips do not touch yet lovers we will be,

Beauty is what you are.


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