This piece is about freeing yourself, if that’s your desire, from the ropes of conformity. Many people go through life looking back, wishing they had done something or secretly want to do, be or whatever. It may be something as simple as taking up hang gliding or wearing a kaftan or more significant such as a change of career. These desires are often not realised because of what society may think. Expressions such as “not at my age”, “people would laugh”, I’d look a fool” “I could never do that “ are often used as excuses to not break from the banal, the ordinary. Dare to be different, it makes the world so much more interesting and often changing one thing can lead to dreams being realised.


Be tethered no more

Be tethered to ordinary no more,

make curiosity on silvered wings

soar and from lofty heights pity

the mundane and bear witness to

sights unseen. Fear not the folly

of youth but dream, dream and

pursue, for therein lie previews

of tomorrow’s truth. Make bold

with deed and wear not a cloak

of unease but embrace the

mantle of a soul so freed.

Be tethered no more.

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