This is a companion piece, in prose form, to ‘THE TRICKSTER’. That poem was to bring attention to Clinical Depression , this piece takes a step further and tries to convey the potential seriousness of Depression by explaining how the disease can and does lead people to take their own life. It gives a glimpse of the kind of thought process involved. My hope is that more awareness will lead to greater help for those in need.


Sat in the dark, alone, half-light sight

but you don’t see. Shadow thrusts and

parries across the room, eager too for

an answer. A turbid thought fog, round

and round the same old theme. A solution

there, fingertip touch,ever elusive.

Then WAIT ! That’s it, solved !

Peace, such a soothing balm, a

feeling of triumph. A wry smile

teasing yourself, of course !

Simple algebra answered.

Sinister math problem where

the answer’s not 2x.

Peace, relief, dark eureka moment.

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