“You see, it was better back then” folk often like to say.

sunshine was somehow brighter, there were 25hrs in a day.

snow was so much whiter.

Back then, a family treat was a trip to the Yorkshire coast,

with luck an ice lolly, food for the week was Sunday’s roast,

Summer required no brolly.

It was honest, the doors in their houses had no use for keys.

Always a roaring fire, for a passing stranger to warm his knees

and journey on much dryer.

You could, drive to London for the price of a sherbet dip,

beer was the proper sort,and you were pissed on a single sip,

only a penny a quart.

It’s clever, how memory makes us with fondness see our past,

moments of “remember when”, as back our thoughts are cast.

It was better back then.


                                                                      BROLLY – UMBRELLA   SHERBET DIP – KID’S SWEET

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