3rd part of a trilogy



Remember me once in a while, when clamorous mores do briefly wane,

conceding brief repose, and picture past glory that will forever remain,

though time continually flows.

Do not feel sadness, let not one tear of grief sweet countenance mar,

for life should beguile, and at it’s end look back, see you’ve travelled far,

then meet death with a smile.

My passing is of no import, as I slip fading corporeal bond all is clear,

there is no puzzle to solve, for though my presence will no longer be here,

life will still evolve.

You must let me go, forbid mournful heart to still your zest for life,

save me from grey void, with laughter and song ignore insidious strife,

do what we once enjoyed.

There is a place I have to be, and so you must in me believe

know my words are pure and true, as now I take my leave,

with love for all of you.

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