People often comment on the ‘dark’ content of some of my words so I thought I would explain. I think Poets and other artists and artistic people in general, see rather than look, we see detail and feel emotion perhaps to a different degree, everywhere and often feel the need to express ourselves, maybe it’s a kind of exorcism. The greater the emotion or detail of a subject the greater the need to create images for others, who can then hopefully experience what the artist does, even better if the art creates a different and personal interpretation or experience. This is why so many poems are about love, death, nostalgia, fear etc. Personally my interest in the human condition naturally includes thoughts on bereavement. As this is an inevitable experience, I’ve written several pieces on this subject. Though it is very difficult, they are written with the intention of hopefully giving some small measure of comfort to those feeling grief.


This was written with great sadness. Though I wasn’t very close to this person, the tragic nature of their passing compelled me to do something, however small, in a vain attempt to restore light to the darkness.

Part of a trilogy: To a friend, Do not feel sadness and Shed not one tear.




We hope with your final sleep there came soft tranquil dreams,

a sun washed field, scented flowers and liquid crystal streams,

a heaven that was slowly revealed.

Consoled are we, knowing that you will finally suffer no longer,

the pain is no more, there are none who could’ve fought stronger,

it was just time to close the door.

Though we feel grief, so saddened by that which we cannot explain,

by life’s purpose beguiled, your joie de vivre in memory will remain,

for the world lit up when you smiled.

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