When I was a boy I used to keep ladybirds or grasshoppers in a jar, prized possessions to be looked after and cared for. The thought struck me, wouldn’t it be great if you could keep something that wasn’t tangible in a jar like, thoughts, words or ideas.

A song in a jar


I happened upon a song one day, by chance,

as I caught on the wind a melody sublime,

it’s nigh perfection made my senses dance

and lose in reverie all thoughts of time.


A smile from my face I could not keep,

gorging on each of it’s ethereal notes,

it’s sensual beat pulsed inside me deep,

while it’s rhythm around me ever floats


I feared this gift would somehow be lost,

with years spent searching near and far.

I could not reason if faced with such cost,

so keep safe my song, there in that jar.


4 thoughts on “A SONG IN A JAR

  1. “as I caught on the wind a melody sublime” actually reminds me of a song I used to listen to all the time. I like the idea of something intangible being kept in a jar.


    1. Thank you, out of interest what intangible thing would you keep in a jar ? The idea came from when my kids were very young and I’d pretend there was something in an empty jar and say “can’t you see it kids” “don’t shake it” until they were laughing like mad then I’d open the top and say “there it goes !”. Great fun until the day they said “dad, we know it’s an empty jar”. Makes me smile still.

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      1. A song is a nice idea to keep in a jar, or words, thoughts or feelings (hopefully positive ones). I found another blog post today about keeping a happiness jar; listing things on pieces of paper that make us happy and adding to the jar throughout the year. I thought that was kind of a neat idea.
        I’ve had a reading jar forever. I put titles of books on pieces of paper and randomly pick one out if I can’t decide what I want to read from my ever-growing stacks of books.
        That’s a nice way to share something magical and whimsical with your kids. Sounds like they had lots of fun. 🙂


  2. Reading jar , that’s brilliant, I must speak to my daughter she’ll love that idea. Yes we had/have lot’s of laughs, of course it helps having the same mental age as your kids, a fave was to be standing on the landing when they got up, staring at a pile of carefully placed pile of clothes complete with shoes. As they got up they’d ask what I was looking at, I’d sigh and say looks like somebody’s melted and they’d be bent double with laughter…..happy days.


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