5 thoughts on “RETORTS 2

  1. Right on! Rude, judgmental comments should always be met with such wisdom and wit! I also like those bottles. The broken ones make me think of the person being spoken to in any instance where judgment takes center stage, and the ones with the corks…well, they make me think those judgey people should just put a cork in it.

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    1. That’s a tad spooky, I picked the image for similar reasons except I saw the broken bottles as folk who the bully got to. They call my illness the ‘thief’ because it slowly steals everything from you. I used to see good in everyone, experience proved me wrong. The Christmas cracker counsellors worse with their false patronising platitudes ! Anyway I’ve got a top notch alarm system so the thief won’t steal owt anymore. Nigel

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      1. I can understand why they call it that. It seems the ‘thief’ robs more than physical aspects when it makes those people react poorly to something they don’t understand, and causes one to lose hope in humanity.

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      2. If you can dream and laugh there’s hope. I sometimes feel despite the symptoms and the material things I’ve lost I’m living a life that’s more me. There’s always a ‘good’ somewhere. Nigel

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