Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you meet a soul who burns that bit brighter and who brings light to where there is darkness.



Shadow play on a Crystal Soul


The perfected inner,clear corporeal light,

that honest transparency burning bright,

the Siren song lure of a self laid bare,

the pure crystal radiance of a soul so rare.

Yet from fleeting meet by kindly chance

saw I the shadow eddy puppet dance

of discordant thought and waiting doubt

play over this spirit to serenity flout.

But as I watched dark insidious will

so remained this soul as crystal still,

gloom advance losing tone and shade

for never can such brilliance fade.


    1. Thank you Lynn. It is a kind of companion piece to the poem ‘Fate I want to know why’. Both concern a dear friend who died a few years ago. We were like brothers, he was called Tim, but sadly our lives went separate ways and we had no contact. Then one Saturday around 11.00 am I got a random call saying did I know Tim had died. He seldom leaves my mind for long. The ‘Fate……’ poem was a conscious effort to write about him, anger and frustration are obvious. However it wasn’t until I’d finished ‘shadow……’ that I realised it was also about him. Tim was the crystal soul that shadow could only play upon but never darken.

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      1. I’m sorry for the loss of your friend. The anger and frustration are palpable, as are the loving thoughts you have for him. You keep his memory alive with such beautiful poetry.

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