When I witness such magic, such grandeur as this I feel entranced and understand how primitive folk of times past would try to make sense of what they saw by applying a spiritual or religious explanation.


I am standing here with the Airs of elegant poise,

in vain attempt to honour the noise

of Natures frantic work to spectacularly close the Day,

on the Cliff top above the Bay.

The time is nigh for Night and Moon to tease the Eyes

as shadow now replaces shade.

Once again with practised Art the Sun God dies,

his healing touch does fade.

Yet even now at this mournful twilight time

I feel his warmth upon my arm,

and know that soon again he will climb,

to dispense his healing Balm.

For now, I’m smothered in Reverence and Awe,

images I will forever keep,

of the intimate ceremony I just saw,

for a land about to sleep.

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