There on the wind


Can you hear it ?

There on the wind,

the hint of murmured voice,

like the elusive farewell scent

of lost love fading with the dawn.

Or perhaps pieces,

remnants of an infant’s first dream

slowly pirouetting across the sky

absorbing love and reason, thence

to return to new life once born.

Is it thought I hear ?

There on the wind,

the drone of forgotten memory,

like languid windmill sail turns,

captured by a warm harvest breeze.

Or perhaps desires,

in ribbons, from a stilled heart shed

butterfly bows jostling on spiral air,

delicate winged echoes of longing,

a passion ever felt that nobody sees.

5 thoughts on “THERE ON THE WIND

    1. Thank you very much Lynn, I’m very pleased with this one though ‘the fisherman’ which is hardly original and not that visual seems more popular. That’s blogging though haha, it’s timing as much as anything. Good job we post for the love of our art and the need to express/ exorcise our inner thoughts.

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      1. You’re too kind but thank you. Have you written about where you live or would like to live Lynn as I would love to read something. I seem to recall you had a yearning for Ireland, my folks were originally from County Mayo but I’ve never been . Hope I’m not prying, I’m just fascinated by history, different cultures, places etc.

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      2. You’re welcome.
        No, I don’t think I’ve written about where I live or would like to live, not really. I’ll have to think about it and come up with something. It’s mostly hot and dry here, especially now that it’s summer.
        Ireland is definitely at the top of my very short list of places to visit. That’s cool your folks were from there.
        Not prying at all. It gives me something to think about and a reason to explore both physical locations and places of my heart.


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