An old Penny found

Against the root, curled and gnarled, burrowing deep,

earth disturbed by woodland creature’s secret keep,

I spied by chance a circular form, arcing from the loam

as I sauntered past the ancient oak under falling gloam.

Twilight cannot wait and with chill air ushers in the night,

but possessed of curious pull I ignored sly fading light

and with fingers nimble parting the forest’s luscious soil

I deftly lifted to my surprise, worthy gift for such small toil.

For I held a penny bearing the face of a Queen long dead.

Perhaps a warm day, long ago, someone rested here and read.

Lulled by wild flower’s scent and nursing shade they fell asleep,

so a coin of the realm was lost but a talisman found, for me to keep.

3 thoughts on “AN OLD PENNY FOUND

  1. The second and third stanza offer such vivid imagery. I can see fingers parting the soil and can even smell the earth. I like the peacefulness of someone resting in the spot before to read and the wildflower’s scent. This is a true treasure.


    1. Thank you, I’ve always been drawn to woodland, especially in summer. The way the light creates dappled patterns, the scent of pine, flowers even wild garlic I find intoxicating. Add a babbling brook and I’m gone !

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