A companion piece to “RAIN ON A CARAVAN”. As a nation we English expect a poor Summer, it makes us stoic and hardy…………..and prone to melancholy  and self deprecating humour.


It’s a shame, going so soon without a goodbye.

Though you didn’t stop long,

I liked what you did with the clouds and the sky.

But the sun wasn’t that strong.

And why did you bring all that miserable rain,

next year leave it behind.

Spring brought so much we were flooded again,

which wasn’t very kind.

Could you not mess with the prevailing wind,

I guess you find it fun.

And I know the ozone is somewhat thinned,

but try harder with the sun.

Now I think about it I’m glad you’ve left,

I’d sue you if I could,

for you’re guilty of summer holiday theft

and being colder than you should.


2 thoughts on “GOODBYE SUMMER

  1. You should be a Weather Man Nigel, it’s been tanking it down here in Haddenham for most of today. The theft of Summer has begun.
    Nice poetry by the way.

    Liked by 1 person

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