On the folly of Youth.


Unexpected, was the moment I saw his face with furtive eye,

as fate revealed, those storybook features that could never lie,

that heads bowed often conceal.

What’s hidden is precious, not made or found by human hand,

no material treasure, it’s found in families sitting on the sand,

living a life of simple pleasure.

For he knows, he fought for wealth and loved all that he’d obtained

always the extra mile, yet one thing from his grasp ever remained,

and that was how to smile.

It can be fickle, the wheel of Fortune,with its callous heart so deft,

so when it started spinning, destroying his life til nothing was left,

he could no longer win

While I sat, like beacons his pale blue eyes radiated only peace.

Then to me he slowly said “learn to smile or happiness will cease,

it’s easy when you know how”.

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