The Sounds of Rain are many


I woke to the cold flannel kiss of a rainy breeze,

the faint pat of droplets trying in vain to cover

the glass, failing and sliding to the bottom of the

pane, comedy show rivulets.

Through the open gap I saw only grey. Some

dour celestial decorator, with his giant paint

roller and an aversion to blue had started early.

Car tyres and rain sodden tarmac spoil the

moment. The tinny surge and dull bass seem

frantic, angry, impatient and contrasts with the

shy rustle of water falling on Beech leaves,

only the sheer volume betraying its presence.

A lone Bumble Bee rolled past on it’s

drunken flight path humming the word

“retreat !” while a single Blackbird chirped

its displeasure, anger exploding at random

and making me giggle as in mock

Shakespearean tone I said “Sir, though dost

protest too much”.

And in the background the rain plays upon

a barrow, skilfully using the deep and shallow

ends to form notes into a liquid melody.

H2O and the Droplets would be a good name

for the band I thought.



  1. Every time I read your words, it gets better and better. Love the “cold flannel kiss of a rainy breeze” and how a celestial decorator, with his paint roller, has an aversion to blue (that’s brilliant), and the contrast between the frantic energy of rain and the gentle sounds it can make when falling on leaves. And the image of the bumble bee and blackbird. I think it’s safe to say I love everything about this! You’re an amazing word painter.

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