My 14 yr old son has just got to ‘that’ age . He has got himself a girlfriend and it is comical, sweet, charming and worrying.

He , like my daughter is everything to me, a father could not be blessed with more wonderful children.

Whilst my daughter has the soul of a poet, my son has the soul of a engineer.

Hence I wrote this little rhyme from a love struck boy’s point of view.


Young Boy’s First Love (Schoolboy Ditty)


I had a feeling you’d call and I was right,

though I make no claim of second sight,

it’s just my thoughts are always of you,

and how each day I find something new,

that makes me want you more and more,

for I’ve fallen in love with the girl I adore.

But I’m afraid I can’t see you at all today

I’m on level 8 and have a monster to slay !


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