A father’s thoughts on his daughter’s wedding day

An unbridled sense of love and joy infuses warmth and light,

lifts cold Gothic build, whose grey drab now screams delight

as with bright colour is filled.

Tangible suspense, like static, crackles about the chosen few,

an early tear, as their heads continually swivel from each pew

as the moment inches near.

My mind memory picture book is open at my favourite pages,

a place I need to reach,  she and I laughed and played for ages

together on the beach

Without warning, music summons all is ready, behold the bride,

my beautiful child, lifting her from a cot was the last time I cried,

the first time I truly smiled.

She’s a woman now, I know the love she feels is not for me alone,

she’s her own life to live, and though another has stolen my throne,

my blessing I gladly give.

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