Grandpa Walker on his Wedding Day, a man I never knew yet had a huge influence on me. A man of great courage, kindness and compassion. He was the  Police Officer in charge of our town and his exploits are legend including arresting a cop killer unarmed, who was executed and arresting a luftwaffe pilot who had bailed out. The papers described the German as an ardent Nazis, Papa however thought him a nice enough chap ! My favourites are the woman who lost her husband in the war, who as a result became an alcoholic. He refused to arrest her and instead got her home, every week. The other concerns troops stationed in the area. There was always one or two ‘bad’ boys that needed to be locked up until they  went to war. Sgt Walker let them out for a pint if they promised to return ! they always did.

Papa Walker

I only remember him lying in a hospital bed,

first left on the ward, he’s gone someone said,

a man who was so adored.

So sad I have no memory of his face or voice,

I was a young Child, if I could have a choice

I’d choose how he smiled.

I can listen forever to the stories of this man

and never be bored. I pass them on if I can,

his remembrance assured.

I hope he would’ve looked at me with pride,

head of our Clan, I lost dearly when he died

just as my life began.

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