From a trilogy on the nature of the human condition and reality.

The Beach

The Face


Is it the movement of hands around a watch or clock,

as the seasons ever pass, the slow weathering of rock,

or the growing grass.

Maybe it only exists when we wake each and every morn,

and at death ceases,do we create it from the day we’re born,

with myriad other pieces.

I wonder if mine is unique or do we all experience the same,

do we make our own path, if so we have ourselves to blame,

and not some deity’s wrath.

If only we could unravel the true nature of our reality,

and open it’s doors wide, we’d lose the fear of man’s mortality,

and eagerly look inside.


7 thoughts on “REALITY

  1. Nigel, this trilogy is excellent. I have read them a number of times now and each time they flow more into each other. I will be reading them through the week as the detective in me senses there are more clues and pieces to be put together.


    1. Thank you very much.submitted them several times. casually, on non poetry specific sites but they’ve always been too esoteric. I have a long association with western spiritual traditions, which are just different paths to the same place. You my friend are the only person to ‘see’ the thread. There is no wrong interpretation or answer. What you see is correct for you and the fact you do see says they’ve worked. Think KOAN without the paradox.

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      1. Interesting Nigel. My spiritual practices are very shamanic and there was a shamanic flow and spirit within the trilogy. There was a hint of our evolution through it with the final piece a reflection of that journey.

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    1. Thank you, it’s a form I use often and is my interpretation, in rhyme of the spiral shape of geometry which relates to Pi which is found throughout creation. There is a piece under articles ‘a strange tale of symbols’ which explains a bit further.

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