From a trilogy on the nature of the human condition and reality.

The Beach



Hurried vision, with barely a pause discerns nothing unique.

Just a simple face, conforming to nature’s plan.

Yet behind the facial screen lie depths of great mystique

that are not of an ordinary man.

It’s as if he wears invisible tattoos that hold great import.

Hidden words etched on skin that few can read.

The look of a simple man, out of place in castle or court,

tells of one whose mind’s been freed.

It says true strength only exists with the kindness of heart,

and that all knowledge is born out of dreams.

To evolve requires a marriage between both intellect and art,

and nothing is as it first seems.

Behind his blue eyes resides the spirit of perfected Will,

serenity a wreath for the ego long slain.

His purpose is our small world with warm light to fill,

for as long as time will let him remain.


2 thoughts on “THE FACE

  1. That photo has so much character. I love everything about this, especially the lines about the invisible tattoos and hidden words etched on the skin. Every line and wrinkle tells a story. There’s depth in those eyes as well as the way you capture his essence.


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