This came to mind as a re-write after reading ‘Pants on Fire’ by colorfulpen , lburtonwrites.wordpress.com . Pants on fire would also have been a good title for this piece also. ‘Rotten Lot’ has a companion on a similar theme called ‘Mirrors and Smoke’




In his pulpit he stands, the self righteous Sage,

but he does not believe, the Alter’s his stage,

pious act to deceive.

From his podium, the Politician makes a pledge,

not one he’ll keep, and while we cling to the edge

he’ll lose no sleep.

To the world, he announces yet another Cure,

the third today, but science is no longer Pure,

all for prize and pay.

At the start, his eyes on the finishing rope,

he cannot lose, with a menu of winning dope,

he only has to choose.

The piece done, his words now go to press

soon to be read, fact or fiction we have to guess,

lies have been said.


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