“Peak experiences involve a heightened sense of wonder, awe, or ecstasy over an experience.”

The Psychologist Maslow coined the phrase ‘Peak experience’ to denote a positive life experience that is of such significance that when recalled from memory it is able to produce again it’s original ‘feel good’ emotion. This is one of mine.


With flash intent I stripped on the Boat,

and into  darkness on my Back to float.

Cosseted by the Fell gifted waters warm

under black canvas and diamond swarm

deferring  drift to the lake’s casual whim

relentless thought became faint and dim,

replaced by a knowing, from a star drawn,

that all man’s dreams do our world adorn.

Though aware that I lay upon waters deep,

insistent eyes shut as I sidled  into sleep.

Then faint whisper I heard, barely a sound,

“awake Fool or you’ll end up drowned”.


  1. My mind went straight to Wordsworth and to his long poem – ‘The Prelude’ when he describes Nature’s awesome power over him in early life when rowing in the dark on one of the Lakes (Rydal, Grasmere, Ullswater – not certain which) . The experience stayed with him throughout his life – as yours has done, and so well recalled and expressed..

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    1. Thank you so much Roland, You’ve just opened a door for me, an obvious one, but one I’ve never fully explored. You see a great many of my work is based on nature as I’ve always claimed affinity with and a fascination. But believe it or not I’ve never considered ‘it’ having power over me. The truth is that’s exactly what it is, nature indeed has an awesome power over me. Cheers pal !


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