Is  Life a just and noble Cause,

am I a gallant Knight,

or a Slave to nature’s Laws,

which is wrong and which is right.

Am I pushed or maybe driven

or simply left to wander.

Like a stone that’s slowly riven,

so I am left to ponder.

We seem to live for no reason,

that purpose is a lie

and like the fading Season,

we simply do and die.

Yet we can all experience Bliss

and the drive to climb above,

the magic of a single Kiss,

the wonder we call Love.

Then one day I suddenly saw

after years of being adrift,

simply that it’s nothing more

than the perfect Birthday Gift.

5 thoughts on “THE BIRTHDAY GIFT

    1. A life long fascination which crops up a lot in my writing, from being a small boy at a catholic school where I was always in trouble for asking the wrong questions (ie any !) to adulthood I’ve studied everything from comparative religions to quantum science and now I’ve decided to just wait and see ha ha !

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      1. Ah, catholic school. I didn’t go to one but was raised catholic. Or at least they tried. And certainly, like most religions nobody wants you to ask questions, only follow. It’s good to question and see where your mind and heart takes you. Hope the weekend is off to a good start for you.


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