Inspired by Poet Tony Walsh’s piece ‘This is the Place’ which he read at the vigil for the victims of the Manchester atrocity and the ever increasing rise of all things bad, from the cult of ‘me’ to evil beyond depravity.

Some readers will notice that this piece is based on my recent poem ‘ALCHEMISTS OF WORD’. The flower is an Amaryllis or Knight’s Star flower. 


“Let thought and verse become our mighty sword”



The Poet’s call to arms


Awake from slumber !, We Alchemists of word

who conjure the hidden with prose and rhyme.

We who see truths beyond and open hearts and

minds with keys from love and empathy wrought.

Let thought and verse become our mighty sword

and written voice to ever greater heights climb,

for cold insidious darkness has infected our land,

with evil and tired apathy once more to be fought.

Rouse the warrior spirit of all who champion good,

steel the brave hearts of all who cherish the light,

shame those who choose to walk the left hand path,

release your words upon mankind, fight poets fight.

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